How data recovery works with Zilkee

Data loss can happen to anyone. We try very hard to take all precautions and measures against losing our data, but stuff happens! The Zilkee Ultra Recovery Converter can help you to retrieve your lost data. You can get your data back if your hard drive is working. We are going to explore how Zilkee recovers data.

Once you have your Zilkee Ultra Recovery Converter, you are ready to get started! First, plug in the power cord of your Zilkee device. Next, you plug the hard drive you are recovering data from into the designated port. You will then plug the new hard drive into the device. Hard and solid-state drives are acceptable here as long as the connection is either 2.5” or 3.5”. Connect the USB of the converter box to your computer. Flip the switch to on, and your computer will read the USB like any other USB device. Now you can transfer your files.

The Zilkee Ultra Recovery Converter is very easy to use. It is a plug-a-play accessory that is quick and easy to use for all skill levels. Getting your data back is easy and cost-effective with Zilkee.